Athens: Capital of Greece

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 Athens! The capital city of Greece and the birthplace of the Democracy. What can this city offers to you if you visit it these days? A city full of experiences and remarkable places to be visited. Athens is a city that attracts tourist of all ages and interests.

 In 2004 Athens hosted the Olympic Games and a number of projects carried out for that. The city became more welcoming and friendly for the hundreds of thousands of the visitors that period. This is the main reason that Athens remains a city suited to tourism.

What can you actually do in the city?

Some magicals view of Athens in Greece

 Athens is a city (or even better a set of cities) that the number of its residents exceeds 5 millions. So no one suppose to characterize the city as boring. Each narrow or main road will lead you to a new place much more different from where you where before. The more you get lost in the city’s alleys, the more you actual learn for it until you are going to fall in love with.
 If you have the precaution and you rent a car in Athens you may go to the nearby beaches and enjoy a sunbath. Athens is a magical place. The rapid way of life can be frozen in front of your own eyes if you find yourself in a traditional café beneath the Acropolis Hill. Enjoy a Greek coffee with a view of the masterpiece temple that the ancients Greeks build.
 Another nice place to visit while you are there is Microlimano in Piraeus. A walk by the sea or a relaxing drink watching the city’s lights may be more than a refreshing.

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