Bucharest: The Little Paris

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 The Bucharest is the central point of entry into Romania. It is a city with rapid growth rates thanks to the continuous maintenances which are constantly changing the face of the city for the better. In the past it was known as the little Paris and today it combine the new with the old in a unique way.

The climate in the city is what prevails in all Romania, hot summers and cold winters. So depending on when you are planning to go and get the appropriate clothing with you.

There is nothing easier than go to Bucharest. There are low cost flights from all the European countries. You can choose to use the train or the bus as an alternative way to travel there. Generally Bucharest is a city easily accessible both from the other cities of the country and from other countries.

Places to Visit:

Many activities are taking place in Bucharest. If you hire a car there you can go to the country side and enjoy some of the natural views or you can stay in the city and take part to the great nightlife. Bucharest is a motherland for the Festivals and the art events and if you get lucky you may found yourself in one.

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