Larnaca: the ciry of the Sarcophagus(Larnaka)

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     Cyprus is an important island in Europe. It is the third largest Mediterranean island and connects Europe with Asia and Africa. The climate is quite mild as it has warm summers and the winters do not last for long, which makes it a favorite holiday destination. The whole island has a rich history, so as well Larnaca, a modern town fast and nice life. Larnaca is on the east coast of Cyprus and there is located the main airport of the island. Its population is more than 70,000 and is the second largest city of the island, the first is the capital of Cyprus.

While you are there you can focus yourself on the beaches which are stretching 25 kilometers, museums and archaeological areas offering you by the city, restaurants and traditional cuisine and of course the nightlife.

In Cyprus lot of its visitors decide to buy a home either as a main residence either as a holiday’s residence. If you intend to make such an investment it would be good to visit the city to see what it has to offer as well as the buildings are of different categories, from luxury villas to apartments in the city.

Larnaca has a rich history. As a city of ancient times had strong influences from various visitors such as Greeks, Turks, Egyptians, Russians and British. The Cyprus was for many years a British colony until 1960 when it was independent. For this reason, the traffic is the same as the United Kingdom, which is to the left.

Images from the island of Larnaca

There are many activities such as water sports and even skiing in the mountains if you want to go winter. There are very nice traditional villages around Larnaca which have to offer something all the seasons of the year. Traditional drinks, food, discover customs and traditions you have not seen anywhere.

If you are a scuba diving enthusiast will surely have heard Larnaca as a top destinations for this purpose. One of the reasons is a wreck, called Zenobia, near the port city that offers an amazing sight to experienced and non divers. Of course you can see it with a underwater journey made for non-divers.

So, golf is ideal. Vikla stadium with 18 holes and facilities makes your stay there as the dream vacation every golfer.

Examples you can see the following:

Some of the must go Beaches:

Nice sightseeings and museums:

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