Faro: The Party Beach Town

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 If you are seeking for sun and beach party, Faro is one of your top must go destinations. Faro has a reputation as being an overrun party beach town. But it is not offering only that. Faro is a two-faced city. The winter is peaceful and quite but still very beautiful. The summer season is a great city with many beach parties and events and it is full of life place. The residents are very friendly but you might have a problem with communication as there are few who can speak good English.

Faro has an airport and you can find several package tour or discount tickets from many European cities. If you are a resident of central Europe you can use the train. If you are already in Lisbon there is a high speed train runs twice a day to Faro. It would be useful to look for Faro car rental as the southern part of Portugal has many sights to offer you and you may need a car.

Places to visit in Faro

Images of wonderful places in Faro

The kitchen there is different than the rest of the Europe. There are many of worth trying recipes and there are plenty of local restaurant you can visit. Most of them are reasonably priced and they offer you the best service with a great professional staff working there.

The nightlife of the city is just amazing! There are many clubs and bars, even Pubs you can go and enjoy on the vacations. Do not forget that Faro is a great city for parties and nightlife events.

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 Car Rentals is not all about to car hire Faro. We want to have THE BEST time in your vacations. For that purpose we want to give you as much informations we can about your trip in Faro. TripAdvisor is a good way to plan your vacations, be aware of where you are going, what too expect in Faro.

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