Ljubljana: The City of Dragons

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 Ljubljana might be a city with not any known landmarks but it's definitely is a beautiful city and has nothing to envy from the other cities of the world. If you walk the streets of the city you will realize that the whole city is a huge attraction. In The summer the city organizes a range of activities, from workshops for children to musical events of all kinds. The autumn Ljubljana is filled with students, as it is the host of the larger university in Slovenia.

The city has an airport with several flights from aboard. From there you can take the bus for the city and it is a 50 minutes trip, rent a taxi car or get your own car rental from the airport. You can avoid flight to Slovenia of course and go by train or bus, which needs more hours to get there. Or you can organize a road trip if you are resident in Europe with your own car to go to this city of Slovenia.

Things you are going to see there:

In Ljubljana you can take part in many activities. If you are visiting the city in the summer, you are going to enjoy the events there. You can go to the opera or the theater, explore the city with rental bicycles, rent a car and go to the country side or visit one of the two water parks Ljubljana offers you. And do not forget that Ljubljana is a city full of students so the nightlife is great!

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 Car Rentals is not all about to car hire Ljubljana. We want to have THE BEST time in your vacations so we take care of your car. For that purpose we want to give you as much informations we can about your trip in Ljubljana. TripAdvisor is a good way to plan your vacations, be aware of where you are going, what too expect in Ljubljana.

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