Crete: the island of the Minoans

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     Have you worked for months and now it is time for vacations? The best place to provide you the maximum of the relaxation should absolutely have warm sun, clean seas, surreal landscape and of course good nightlife. There is no better option for all that except the wonderful island of Crete in Greece!

     Crete is the biggest island on the Greeks seas and the most favorite destination for the tourists. Natural beauty, such as mountains and crystal sea combined with the rich history will surely amaze you.

     Crete is quite long and you will not be able to see the entire island easily (unless you spend way more days on your vacation than your boss gave). To make your stay easier and enjoy your trip, get a car rental from Crete Heraklion airport, as soon as you arrive there. The use of the public transportation may you think will help. But actually is more complicate to use it as you think and if you make the mistake and stay only on the City’s area or nearby you will miss many beauties and even more you will spend a lot more money to find a way to go where you want.

     The cities of Crete offer cheap but yet still good quality holidays. Always and everywhere there are places that can be a little more expensive but this island it is one of the cheapest islands of the Aegean Sea.

Wonderful images from Heraklion, Chania and the rest Crete!

About Heraklion

Heraklion is the largest city of Crete and one of the most important urban centers of Greece. Began to develop after the 9th century B.C.( in ancient times, the downtown area was Knossos and Gortyn later ), and later successively conquered by the Arabs, Venetians and Ottomans, who gave the alternative name Candia.
During the Olympic Games in 2004, was one of the Olympic Cities and hosted matches of the soccer tournament. The city of Heraklion clearly reflects the different cultures that have flourished over the centuries: Byzantine buildings stand next to Venetian public and private buildings and Ottoman structures.
Heraklion is a wonderful city, but avoid to use the car for short distances in the center of the city. With the car is most likely to need more time to go to your destination than if you prefer to take a walk. The car is absolutely useful but just to explore the beauties of the Crete outside the city.

The Airport of Heraklion

Heraklion International Airport, “Nikos Kazantzakis” is the primary airport on the island of Crete and the country’s second busiest airport after Athens International Airport. It is located about 4-5 km east of the main city center, near of the Alikarnassos. It is a shared civil/military facility. The airport is named after Heraklion native Nikos Kazantzakis, a Greek writer and philosopher.

About Chania

The region of Chania (Haniá), on the western side of the island, is dominated by the impressive White Mountains (in Greek: Lefká Óri) and its famous National Park, which occupy the largest part of the region.The Prefecture of Chania provides tourist services and activities of all kinds, satisfying all the choices. The city of Chania maintains unaltered all of its characteristics, from the time of the Venetian Rule up until today.

The Airport of Chania

Chania International Airport, "Ioannis Daskalogiannis" is an international airport located 14km east from Hani. It is named after Ioannis Daskalogiannis, a Cretan revolutionary against Ottoman rule in the 18th century and is a joint civil - military airport (Souda Air Base). You can use a public bus to go to the airport or rent a Taxi(~16 euros)

About Rethymnon

Rethymno is the heart of Crete and one of the most beautiful places in Greece. Blue sea and rich natural life, mountains as Psiloritis make Rethymno one place full of surprises. There are many sightseeing you can visit, such as numerous Byzantine churches and monasteries, Venetian monuments.

You can enjoy with many field trips and discover magical caves, canyons and the villages around the city. Taste the local kitchen and hear the sound of the Cretan Lyra while you are drinking Raki! It is a strong drink but is worldwide famous and you must try it. The people of the villages are more than pleased to have you as their guests. They are the reason of the famous Greek hospitality. They always are welcome you as honorable quest and offer you food a drink. This place is the birthplace of Zeus, the god of the Greek mythology and the god of hospitality.

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 Car Rentals is interesting for the quality of your vacations. We are trying our best to get you more and more informations to every single place you want to visite and. One way is to check the TripAdvisor widget to see were to go in Crete, what to do and where to eat.

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