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Croatia is located in the southeast Europe and it is bordered by Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. The country can be neatly split into 5 regions, Istria, Kvarner, Dalmatia, Slavonia and Central Croatia. The capital city is Zagreb and it is the largest city too.

The Croatians speak English as their second language, but German and Italian are popular too. In the tourist industry English is the main language. The local currency is the kuna. Many of the tourist businesses may accept euro but it is not legal tender in Croatia.

car rental in dubrovnik  wonderful city

Dubrovnik is a city of Croatia and its population is about 42 thousands. It is one of the moste prominent tourist resorts of... Read more...

car hire in pula wonderful city

Pula is a small and beautiful town at the tip of the Istrian peninsula in Croatia. It was built by Illyrians about 3000 years ago and was... Read more...

car hire in split  wonderful city

Spit is a city located in the central Dalmatia in Croatia. It was originally built around the Diocletian palace. A tour in the... Read more...

car rent in zadar  wonderful city

Zadar is a city in Croatia and it is located in the wider northern Dalmatian region. Is a historical center of the region and it is beautiful city... Read more...

car hire in zagreb the capital of Croatia

Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia and it is located in the central of the country. It's a city with a population around... Read more...

Croatia is a very beautiful country and you may have access with several different transportations. There are many airports near the biggest cities of Croatia. You can use the train to get in the country and get around as well. There the option of a road trip with your own car or a rental car. The country is connected to the main European High Ways.

Travelling with a pet is welcome in Croatia. Pets must have an international certificate of vaccination and proof of a recent veterinary examination showing that the pet is free of rabies. The most recent vaccination date must not be more than a year prior to the date of entry into Croatia. If travelling by plane a Fitness to Fly Certificate is required by most airlines

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