Pula: The 3000 years old City

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 Pula is a small and beautiful town at the tip of the Istrian peninsula in Croatia. It was built by Illyrians about 3000 years ago and was occupied by the Romans in 177B.C. After the fallen of the Western Roman empire, this little town was devastated by Ostrogoths. The landlords in Pula changed quite frequently in middle ages from the republic of Venice to Genoa to Illyrian Provinces and many others. When the Second World War was over, the town had become a part of Croatia.

The town has the most of its visitors on the summer season so the most restaurants and attractions remaining closed for the winter's months. In Pula there is an international airport with direct services from many European cities such as London, Oslo, Amsterdam and Zurich. There are many low cost airlines and the tickets for Pula can by really cheap. To reach the town center from the airport you can rent a taxi, get the bus or hire a car in the airport.

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