Kefalonia: the island of contrasts

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     Kefalonia is the largest island of the Ionian Sea and it offers a large variety of things to do. There are many kinds of landscapes to see there. With sandy beaches, pine groves, vineyards and mountains as you can imagine the island offers plenty of activities for your vacations there.

Kefalonia has a worldwide know beach, on the southern base of Mount Etnos (the tallest mountain of Kefalonia which stands at over 1627 meters), and it is a favorite area for loggerhead turtles to nest and it is protected by the Greek law because of the fact that they are an endangered species. However it is allowed to watch them from distance and it is a marvelous sight.

The Mount Etnos is surrounded by a protected park full of black fur trees. It is a great place to relax and enjoy some walks there discovering a large number of different trails you can follow.

Kefalonia has many beaches on offer, all of them sun trapped and available for a good relaxation. Some the most famous located at Skala (in the south of the island) and Myrtos (north of the island). Myrtos beach is surrounded by a high cliff edge and it is giving amazing views of the Ionian Sea and this spot is known worldwide as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Beautiful image from a beatiful Island!

Some others wonderful beaches on the island are:

There are plenty of sightseeings as well on the island. Some of them are:

And many more! Kefalonia is an island with enormous number of natural view to enjoy. It is a perfect place for vacations for all the ages.

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