Kos: the island of Hippocrates

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  Kos is one of the Dodecanese islands and one of the best destinations for tourists. An island full of things to see and even more to make. But what can we do while we're there? A lot!

  The island and its capital have the same name and it is cultural center. Although it is not a large city, has nothing to be jealous of them. Magnificent hotels, great restaurants and very nice nightclubs are in abundance in a town of just fifteen thousand citizens. A castle of the fourteenth century, which was built by the Knights of St. John of Rhodes on it and you will see many similarities with that of the capital of the Dodecanese, decorates with a very nice way the town. Any visitor can be absorbed easily by the island’s culture. Kos can be combined in a unique way, one could say the new with the old, the story was written with the story is now written.

Some of the great places of the island!

  And of course if you go to Kos you should take a tour in Plane Tree of Hippocrates, a fabulous temple in the city center where the famous Greek physicist taught his students, as the historians are saying. Do not expect to see a classical temple. This temple is a tree, an ancient tree which is still standing proud in the center of the city with the help of modern tool. For the lovers of history there are a large number of museums and institutions in honor of Hippocrates. If you are renting a car then you can easily go around the city you can see interesting ancient ruins that once stood there with dignity, such as Asklepieion, where Hippocrates was taught about medicine by Herodicus.

  Also there are many activities to make you leave behind the stress of the city. Water sports, magical beaches and a nightlife that can stand worthy as those which offer all Greek islands, invite you to relax and enjoy your vacation. Kos is an island with plenty of tourism so you may think that is not what you want for your vacations because you might want something quieter, then you're wrong. Kos has an incredible and unique way to combine absolute tranquility with vibrant life. The transformation in Kos is not good but not bad either. In full time season is better to looking for Kos Car Rentals if you prefer to spend more time to the places you want to go rather your way there.

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