Lisbon: one of the oldest cities in Europe

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 Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, in recent years has become a very modern and vibrant city and one of the top destinations in Europe. It is located in the northern part of Portugal and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, which gives it a unique beauty. The white bleached limestone building and the intimate alleyways are some of the elements that enchant the travelers.

In Lisbon stretches along the river Tejo as it flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The center of the town, the vast Praca do Comericio, is facing that river. Lisbon has the largest airport of the country, the Aeroporto da Portela. There are many airlines flying into Lisbon and you can easily find cheap tickets and offers. You can use the bus, the metro or a taxi to go to the city center. Otherwise you can get a car rental from the Airport of Lisbon.

Places to visit in Lisbon

Images of wonderful places in Lisbon

There are many museum in the city you can make a visit such as the Museu Nacional da Arte Antiga, The Claouste Gulbenkian Museum, Meseu da Agua, Museu do Azulejo and many more.

There are great restaurants in Lisbon but be aware of the tourist traps and the prices. Some of them are a little bit overpriced and may want to be careful about where you are planning do eat. One of your main considers must be the pick pocketing and the theft on public transport. It is very common on the tourist now days because of the economic crisis and unemployment rate.

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 Car Rentals is not all about to car rental Lisbon. We want to have THE BEST time in your vacations. For that purpose we want to give you as much informations we can about your trip in Lisbon. TripAdvisor is a good way to plan your vacations, be aware of where you are going, what too expect in Lisbon.

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