Malaga: City of Culture

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 Malaga is the capital of the Malaga Province and is a large city in the southern part of Spain. It is the birthplace of the famous artist, Pablo Picasso. There are many activities taking place in this wonderful city such as hiking, architectural sites, art museums, endless shopping. In Malaga there are some genuinely interesting cultural and historical attractions.

The Malaga International Airport is the third biggest international airport in Spain. Many airlines fly to this airport and it is possibly to get very cheap tickets from the main European Airports. It is located 8 kilometers southwest of Malaga and you can use the bus to reach the city center. At the airport you can get a car hire if you like to have your own transportation.

Even if you hire a car in the airport you have to rent a bicycle. Malaga is trying to become one cycling friendly city and nowadays is a really pleasure to get around in the city by using the bicycles. The locals are also using their bicycles more often to go to work as they used to. As a result, bicycle is one of the best ways to explore the city. There are many companies offering tours with bikes for a small fee.

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