Mykonos: Capital of Greece

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Mykonos is an island of the Cyclades, which are located in southern and central Aegean Sea. Mykonos has recently climbed to the tops of the list in the modern holiday’s destinations and competes even places like Capri or Hawaii. This achievement is partly a result of its visiting by big Showbiz celebrities, as the queen of pop, Madonna.

Although modern life has been imposed to Mykonos because of the tourism, it remains a traditional Greek island in many ways. The white painted houses and the numerous historical and archaeological sites make you believe that is one common Greek island and you forgetting that is the one of the most cosmopolitan destinations worldwide.

The island offers beaches for all tastes. Pebble or sand, deep water or shallow ones, quiet or busy even with or without a swimsuit! Beaches which you should visit while you are in Mykonos are:

Some traditional beaties of Mykonos

Each view in the island is like an artistic photograph from a worldwide class photographer. Unique landscapes, beautiful beaches, foods that smell like god’s meals which invite you to join them. When the sun goes down the island is changing face too. It is like it comes alive and becomes a big disco. In every alley you walk you are going to hear music. The island is full of bars, clubs and discos. Even the most demanding man is managing to find out something of his taste.

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