Naxos: the nuptial isle of Dionysus.

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 How much do you really know about Naxos?

Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades and dominates the mountainous volumes at its center. Naxos has always stood out in the historical course for culture but also for its products. Naxos was a major center in the Aegean from prehistoric times and you will trace the glory of the ancient quarries with the unfinished Kouros or mines of the famous Smirida, the Smirida of Naxos.

Naxos was a great island in the Frankish period too and we can see strongly influence of those years on Naxos. Today it supports the development of the important spiritual people, separate local products and of course the excellent tourism infrastructure.

Naxos is island which has excellent beaches. Across the coastline of Naxos there are beaches suit to every taste. Amazing golden beaches (in which organized the National Championship Beach Volley June 2010) or beaches with pebble, beaches busy or more deserted beaches and family situations can be found on the island.

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If you love the walks then get ready to look for car rentals. The island has some incredible places recommended for walks. But you are going to need a car to go to them.

The largest island of the Cyclades is also the most productive. Naxos produced a series of agricultural and livestock products have won nationwide and international acclaim. For the creation of these unique products is very important the weather, the soil composition of Naxos and the love of producers for their products.

Naxos: an island of a hidden paradise!

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