Corfu: the "Emerald Island"

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 Corfu, one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea and the second largest island of the Ionian Sea is an attraction of the Greek tourism. The sights and the beauty of the island leave its guests speechless when they are asked to describe the beauty the island and certainly those who have visited Corfu will never forget their vacations there. The island has a rich history which can be verified by each visitor admiring the sights.

 There are many places that can be visited on the island. Some of them are the two fortresses of the city and many ruined towers. Only when someone sees these monuments will be able to understand the history and the beauty of this place. Corfu was for many years Italian-occupied island and anyone can easily understand that by seeing a city with clear Italian influences. One of the most popular places is the Paleokastritsa, a place full of exquisite caves, mountains and lush vegetation. On the island you can find everything. Areas made for tourist attraction but also traditional villages literally untouched by tourism.

Some of the great places of the island!

 Two words are enough to describe the beaches of Corfu: crystalline waters. While, the way that these waters and lush greenery can fit in the same visual field of the visitor is fascinating. Cosmopolitan life is not necessarily destructive for the island. There are beaches for all tastes, for lonely and lovers of the untouched nature and for young people who want to experience the Greek way to having fun.

 As a traditional Greek island, what else could you see here? Of course olive groves and vineyards, which contribute much to the local economy because of the oil it produces is very competitive in the trade market. The trip to this paradise can become a road trip! The island can be reached by two roads, the Greek highway 24 and 25, so it is possible to just rent a car in Corfu

 Unfortunately there are no public buses to the airport.

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