Rhodes: the island of Knights

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     Rhodes is an island with a thousands of names. The island of the Roses, of the Sun, the island of snakes and deer and many more names have been given to the island of the Knights. Rhodes is an island full of things to see and do. It is the largest island of the Dodecanese and the climate is considered subtropical with over three thousand hours of sunshine per year. The Airport is located to the northwestern part of the island. Rhodes (or Rodos) has hundreds of villages that you can discover. And beaches? Countless! But some of those are the must see of the island:

Must see beaches

And thousands more! Because of the size and the geology of Rhodes, is an island full of nice places to visit. If you want to enjoy the sea you do not have to make long distances (although the remote beaches are the dreamiest). The west side is covered all along with the best seas of the island. Gravely, pebbly, sandy and even rocky beaches with sun beds on the top of the rocks are invite you to have a good time under the hot sun of Rhodes.

Images from the island of Rhodes

In the capital city there is the Old Town. The medieval city is near the port of Rhodes and it is a forgotten in time place full of life. The beautiful city of the Knights is a place like not other in the world. If you decide to walk it, be prepared to get lost in the thousands of narrows street. Even for the locals are quite easy to get lost in the city if they are not carefully enough. But do not feel intimidated at all. Getting lost as you walk may give many beautiful images and sights.
The nightlife of the city is divided mainly into two areas. Locals and tourists. But many times both styles of entertainment get mixed with a result of a great time of enjoying the night life! Bars, clubs and even discos of the 80s are on the island. It is an island that has a fully fledged life.

If you do not going to rent a car is better not to go Rhodes. The island offers plenty to sights and it won’t be worth a visit. The city of Rhodes is a wonderful city but the whole island is a green paradise and it is a pity if you are not going to make a tour on it. One of the most traditional villages of the Aegean is that of Lindos. With an Acropolis placed towering over the village and a set of stoned whitewashed houses as a décor of Lindos is a beautiful image you will never forget. You can also use adorable donkeys as a transportation to the top of the Lindos’s Acropolis!


Other attractions that you may visit on the island are:

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