Samos: native island of Hera

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 Some informations about this island before you get a rental car

   Samos is situated in East Aegean Sea, across the shores of Turkey (only 1200 meters separate the two of them). Samos is a big island with green mountains and amazing vineyards, which produce the famous samiotiko wine. On the island there are two big mountains, the one is the rocky Kerki and it is the taller one (1443 meters) and the Ambelos (or Karvouni) with the height of 1160 meters.

   The temperate climate of the island and its fertile grounds creates the perfect conditions for cultivations of olive groves. The wine of those lands is renowned from the ancient times for the quality and the taste, so even today it is remains the main product that Samos is proud of.
   In the banks of river Imvrassos, according to mythology, was born the goddess Hera, the most powerful of the female gods in Olympus. In the location, where Hera was born, remain the ruins of an impressive temple dedicated to her.    The well known philosopher and mathematician of the ancient times, Pythagoras, the astronomer Aristarchos and the philosopher Epikouros were the visitors of the island and some of them lived in Samos for a while.

Images of the landscapes in Samos!

   Samos nightlife is the best appreciated in the relaxed confines of a bar, disco, tavern or restaurant. The island of Samos provides an intense and varied nightlife and all kinds of places to enjoy a relaxing or crazy night. For the most bars and discos in Samos Town Vathy is the best place to go. There is also a quite good nightlife in Karlovassi and Pythagorion towns. A plethora of restaurants, taverns, cafes, modern bars, bouzoukia (clubs with Greek live music) and huge or smaller clubs playing all sorts of music can be found in island. The island offers many excellent ouzeris and eateries where you can while away the hours as you quaff a carafe of the famous Samian wine. Wine in island is made from the locally grown Muscat grapes and aged in oak barrels. Many of the wines are sweet but if you prefer something dry try the excellent white Samaina or the dry rose Fokianos. At the most popular beaches of Samos you will find beach bars for a iced drink or a snack.
   Tourists with all the kind of demands are welcome in Samos. Modern hotels, wonderful beaches and amazing places to visit and eat make the island one of the most wonderful places to spend your vacations. The island also has an airport so it is easy to get there and you can look for a car rental Samos Airport. Do not forget that Samos is a quite large island and most of its beauties are on the country side so a car is very useful.

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