Santorini: the World's Best Sunset

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 One of the most popular Greek islands is Santorini, also one of the smallest in the Aegean Sea and yet with a very interesting history. On the island there is a volcano which has engulfed most of the island 3600years ago, but it left behind a stunning scenery.

How can you go there?

The island is easy to be learned and so to go there. Santorini has an airport, so it is easy to get there with the two flights a day from the country's capital city, Athens. But if you want to smell the sea's air and you are from those who believe that "the is Journey more important than the Destination" you can get the boat. Actually in the summer there are many routes from and to the island.

Although reputed to be a little expensive island is not true. Everyone can take a holiday there regardless of their pocket size.
In summer the weather is similar to that prevailing in all the Greek islands. Heat and apnea urge you to be all day (and why not all night too) to the beach. Something that you can easily do in Santorini as it has very nice beaches. At 80 miles to the south of the island is Crete. On days when the weather permits (almost half of the year) is said that the mountains of the distant Crete can be seen. As I told you before the summer here lasts much! Almost half the year the Greek islands enjoy the sun without disturbance from the clouds.

Santorini is a perfect place for photography!

And this is the reason why!

The sunset of Santorini!

But one thing is special for Santorini. The sunset! There are few places that give to their visitor such a wonderful view. The sunset of Santorini is worldwide known and there are many tourists who came here just to enjoy this view.

Most of the visitors are no longer ordinary visitors because they end up becoming "regulars" as it is difficult not to visit again such a lovely place. The island is a paradise especially for those who love photography. A huge range of landscapes plucked from the books and standing there waiting to become the model of every photographer, professional or not.

Santorini is an island that offers very beautiful and unique paths for hiking. Hikes will offer unique views and the ability to stop for rest in small oases created of freshness created by the pine trees on the island.
You may need to look for a car hire because it is very helpfull to have a transportation on the island.

Santorini Car Hire

 Car Rentals is not all about to make you hire a car. We want to have THE BEST time in your vacations. For that purpose we want to give you as much informations we can about your trip in Santorini of Greece. TripAdvisor is a good way to plan your vacations, be aware of where you are going, what too expect in Santorini.

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