Sofia: City of Fountains

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 Sofia, the largest city and the capital of Bulgaria, is a city with an amazing combination of the European-style and Communist-style of architecture. In this city you may find a large number of beautiful orthodox churches and sights which can be seen in few of the European Capitals.

Sofia is connected to the rest of the Europe by all the transportations. Whether you want to make a quick trip using the city's airport, whether you want to take the train or the bus for a longer trip, you can easily go to Sofia. You can also choose to make a road trip to Sofia with your own car. The airport of Sofia is located 5 kilometers east of the town center and it you can find flights cheap enough from all the main airports of Europe.

The public transformation is fair enough, but you are planning to visit any near by ski-resort it is better to getr a car rental, which also you can do in the airport of Sofia.

Places you have to visit:

And many more!

Wonderfull images of the biggest city of Bulgaria

Activities in Sofia

Sofia is a wonderful city and you have to make many walks there. There are plenty of sights you are going to enjoy on your walks such as the Borisova Gradina, the City Garden, Largo (ruins of ancient Serdika walls), Sofia Zoo, the Monument to the Unknown Soldier and even more. It is a great idea to use a bike or take part of the Sofia Bike Tour to explore more properly the city. Stop to a cafe and enjoy a coffee in a good neighbor, go to the Arena Cinema and find yourself in a Pub discovering the nightlife of Sofia.

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