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 Spit is a city located in the central Dalmatia in Croatia. It was originally built around the Diocletian palace. A tour in the historic center offering you the sight of the Roman walls, temples and squares.

More than 2.800 hours of sunlight are one of the main characteristics of this city. It is a birthplace of many Croatian athletics and the locals nicknamed their city the Sporties City in the World. The city is know also for the bell tower of St. Duje and the Dalmatian Dogs.

Split has an international Airport and it is one of the most important airports in Croatia. There are many flights scheduled for this airport during the summer season from all the big European Airports. The Airport is about 25 kilometers west of Split near a smaller city named Trogir. The cost for your ride there is small with the bus and always there is the option of rent a taxi or hire a car.

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