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 Valencia is one of most beautiful and old cities in Spain. It is the Capital of the Old Kingdom of Valencia province. Valencia is the third largest city of Spain and the 15th of the European Union, according to its population. The river Turia ran through the center of Valencia, but it was redirected a while back and replaced by a beautiful park. The park is a wonderful place to spend any free time you may have in a sunny day in Valencia.

Valencia's Airport is Manises, also known as Manises Airport, is not such busy as the others airports of Spain. It is located 8 kilometers west of the city of Valencia an has flight connections to more than 15 European countries. To reach the center of Valencia, you may want to use the bus. It departs every 25 minutes and it is about 40 minutes distance to the center. The tickets are costing 1.45 euro. You can also search for car hire Valencia Airport. If you are in Barcelona or Madrid and you had hired a car, you can drive to Valencia. It is a pleasant trip and it last about 4 hours from Barcelona and 3 from Madrid.

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