Zakynthos: "Fiore di Levante"
(flower of the East)

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     Zakynthos is a popular tourist destination and it is located in the Ionian Sea. It is an island rich in natural landscapes, wildlife and filled with activities you can do.

One of the nicest activities you can enjoy on the island is visiting the beautiful beaches. Some of the most beautiful that can be brought forward are:

There are still many beaches on the island to visit, which many of them are unique as there are several underground caves in the island and you can discover them with some proper training from an scuba diving center. In several beaches there are bars to raise the rate of entertainment and offer refreshing cocktails to cool you down from the heat of the island.

Photographs of the Zakynthos!

In Zakynthos there are several attractions to be seen. One of them is the Venetian castle that exists in the area of Bochali. The landscape is impressive as it is surrounded by a lush landscape and is definitely something you would like to see on the island. There are many temples that you can visit among which stand out the Kiria Angelon Church and dozens of others.

As for the young people who want to go to the island we can say with confidence that they will enjoy their stay there. The island has very good nightlife, full bars and clubs which are open until the wee hours offering incredible moments of fun.

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